5 ways to support your child with Autism

Autism is an adventure and you need to be well equipped to have success on the journey. My son was diagnosed twelve years ago and there was little information. Now, we have more information but still we need to battle prejudice, misconception and mistrust.  I remember myself trying to find good information beside all the dark future. This “autism adventure” is full of emotions. Some are good, some not so much.  In my journey I have learned a lot, but I always try to keep myself neutral using my professional knowledge. Today I will share with you my top 5 ways to support your child with autism. These ones do not require a position on the spectrum. These ones are for you to keep them near, especially for the times where everything looks wrong.

  1. Make a balance: it’s complicated. Listen to all the professionals and their recommendations but also, think, research and balance. Make a balance, write the possible consequences and think again if that is something worth battle or to follow.
  2. Trust your gut feelings: Over the years I have met so many parents that tell me “I have that gut feeling” sometimes you need to trust your guts. Intuition is a gift and most parents have it but we are afraid to challenge those who are supposed to know better because they are professionals. Really, but do you know that most of the successful people is because they challenged and trusted their gut feeling. You can be wrong but you can also be right. So, if you have a “gut feeling”, write it down and go back to make a balance.
  3. Trust your knowledge. You don’t need a degree to know your kid. Most likely you have been there 24/7 and have learn what every sound means. I remember when my son did not talk, doctors told me I was his voice and I was trying to solve for him. It was true, because I was with him 24/7. Should I stop, should that make me a “helicopter mom”, maybe, but it helped him. If I don’t help him, who will? Now that he is more capable, I allow him to talk but I’m still here to help. I always remember to make a balance and trusted my gut
  4. Your child is unique. There is no other child like yours. Your child has a purpose in life, but do you believe it? Or are you listening to the fears? Do you know fear is a paralyzing guy? Fear never conquered the world. Forget the “what ifs?” And remember to trust you child, your gut and make a balance.
  5. Forget crazy propaganda. There will be someone looking for a cause, cure or someone to blame autism on. Reality is it will depend on your perspective. My reality is different than yours but I can help you sharing what I have done. In this adventure is important to learn and be open minded but you also need to be careful. Good intentions are not always good for you. Read and remember the “gut feeling”, balance, trust your child and move on.
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