Your coaching experience will be unique and can be focused on but not limited to:

* Autism ~ what to do after the diagnosis: Book It, it’s free 

  • Embracing and overcoming fear and anxiety over getting the diagnosis
  • Understanding, accepting and nurturing your child needs.
  • How to discover your child’s talents & abilities.
  • Taking care of yourself for a happy child.
  • Anything else you fear or feel confused.
  • Your Faith ~ Why God is doing this to me?, I did something wrong?, Is God punishing me?
  • Identify and understand what is helping or not helping your child.
  • School & Autism
  • • Study & Organizational skills
    • Preparing for an IEP/IPP or 504 Meeting including interpreting and understanding professional reports, identify realistic goals.

* Family ~ Book It, it’s free 

  • Parenting Skills
  • Couple relationship ~balancing demands ~organization ~ communication
  • Parent ~ Child Relationship Empowerment for a better understanding and communication.

* Homeschool ~ Book It, it’s free 

  • Setting up & organization,
  • homeschool and special needs,
  • homeschool on a budget,
  • creating a sensory-friendly classroom,
  • identifying your child learning skills,

* Tween & Teen personal coach focusing on learning abilities, study skills, Self -esteem, relaxation skills and social skills. Book It, it’s free 

* Developmental challenges like independent skills, sexual education for teens on the spectrum. Book It, it’s free 

* Job skills & entrepreneurial skills for teens and young adults on the spectrum (HFA)

Book It, it’s free 

* I have experience of coaching one on one, groups or family session, just let me know.

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