Autism Homeschool & Life Coach provide coach services to parents, tweens, teens and adults on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Coaching service is different than psychotherapy. Coach services are not psychological services. Psychotherapy or psychological services are meant to provide treatment to a mental illness or emotional distress (problems). Also, psychotherapy or psychological services focus on a healing process using psychological techniques. The purpose of coaching is different. Yes, you can work with both, but we can’t provide both services.

During the coaching time, Jennifer will guide you to identify your child unique abilities and talents with the purpose to create new life goals. She will help you to understand the hidden message behind the behavior. When you are able to understand your child you will be able to focus on possibilities. During the process, you will feel empowered, confident and able to set goals using your child abilities.

When working with tweens, teens, and adults on the spectrum Jennifer focuses on their potentials and abilities. She helps them to feel confident and able to succeed. Jennifer knows they have talents, dreams and life goals that sometimes are unknown to the parents, caregiver or society. 

Coaching meetings are flexible. We can work over the phone, text message (for follow-ups), email, Skype or face to face. These options will allow you to work in the environment you feel more comfortable.  Sessions can be one on one,  for groups or family.

There is not a time frame for coaching. Each client is unique and different. Most of her clients work for at least three months. This time allows them to identify their child talents and abilities, develop goals and follow up with her until they gain the confidence to work independently. Sometimes they decide to continue with a follow up every three months. Others decide don’t need the follow-up and just contact her as needed. Some just feel they have got all the support needed and feel confident to continue work on their own.

Together we will decide what would be the best fit for you. Just contact Jennifer to set up your first complimentary session.  AND Join our Facebook group

All cost will be decided based on your unique coach service. The service fee will be based on your unique service package and not on an hourly rate. Each package will be customized to your unique need based on your selection of service.

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