Autism Unique Abilities

Life surprises us, sometimes with a challenge. No one is prepared for Autism. We have two choices, we can worry about it or we can make it work. I have been there! Twelve years ago, my son was diagnosed with Autism.  

I remember when I got my son’s diagnosis I felt lost, confused, sad and angry because my child was recently diagnosed with Autism. After the initial shock of the autism diagnosis, there are a lot of fear and worries that block our view of possibilities and dreams. I spent a lot of hours trying to understand why my baby, why me and my family? I felt so lost and alone.  Are you feeling alone?  You don’t need to be alone.  

It’s my desire to help you and your family to overcome the fear, stress, and sadness related to the autism diagnosis. it’s my desire to be your companion during the journey ahead, you don’t need to feel alone.

I have traveled the road and I know what happens when you change our perspective. I have been there, I will help you to discover the possibilities, hope, and abilities. Creating new ways to accept, understand, and nurture your child unique abilities.  Together you and your family can develop a unique pathway that will provide a better understanding and love connection and acceptance to nurture your child to a better quality of life. As a clinical psychologist and coach, I have helped families to discover their own path to success.

Autism is an adventure and you need to be well equipped to have success on the journey. Autism Journey includes a variety of feelings, especially at transitioning times. Autism is a lifelong adventure, I’m here to help you.

  • If your child is transitioning from a pre-school to school, is okay to feel worried and confused. Remember there are hope and possibilities.
  • Do you feel the school is not supporting your child needs? Are you considering homeschool? Do you think is too complicated, expensive or time-consuming? You are not alone but know it’s possible and you can do it.
  • Do you feel something changed on your marriage? You are not alone. You don’t need to walk alone, I have been there too.
  • Do you have an upcoming IEP, and feel confused?
  • Are you a parent who want to discover their child unique abilities? Who want to develop your child own business?

Are you trying to find

  • Confidence, hope, and possibilities for your family and child with autism.
  • Ways to connect with your husband and family members.
  • A way to understand the hidden message of your child behaviors and reactions.
  • A way to discover your child talents and abilities
  • A new perspective and walk away of all the negativity, fears and confusion.
  • An answer to your most secret doubts and thoughts
  • A compassionate and honest talk about autism
  • An acceptance environment to be yourself, find possibilities, new dreams and goals for you, your family and child.

My services had help, numerous families, to discover a new perspective, possibilities and feel hopeful. I will enable you to feel confident, and discover a better way to relate, understand and help your child to thrive.

Contact Jennifer set up your first complimentary session.  AND Join our Facebook group.  All services are available in English and Spanish.

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